Profile / Freelance Photographer and video camera operator JIN in Tokyo-Japan
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I have been working as a professional photographer for the past over 20 years. The sort of photo fields are food, architecture, merchandise, human and nature for the advertisements and magazines. Yes, it is almost every sort of photograph except woman nude photo. But, if my clients ask me to take it, i do not refuse about it. One of the most busy field is advertisements of hotels and restaurants. You can see some of them in Japanese magazine. I also contract to "Kusatsu Onsen Tourism Association" which is one of the most famous spa(onsen) in Japan. So I am taking many photograph for Kusatsu Onsen every year. 

I am thinking that I am not a artist but a businessman who is creating a best photograph which my clients want to use. I have never taken a photograph which I want to take. I think this is the photographer as a professional. The time when i take my favorite photo is after my retirement.

    I am also a writer, editor, and video camera operator. This is my unique feature. I am contributing some articles for Japanese famous magazines and website. And I have ever worked in broadcasting programme production company "Japan Cable Television" at the beginning of my job life. Yes, i was a video camera operator and a production engineer long time ago. We had no HD video and Non-linear editing system in those days. But times are changing, it become very easy to make video programme. So I am sometimes contracting the video job though it is not a main job.

Sorry, it is one of my joke photo.

    Born in Japan 1965, educated in Chiba university.
Job career started from "Japan Cable Television" as a video camera operator and video engineer for 4 years. Second job career was "Kosakusya" a publishing company as a photographer, writer and editor for 3 years.
Independent office started from 1996 as a freelance photographer and videographer.

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* I do not check Facebook everyday, so please do not send urgent mail via facebook.

     I am participating a project "SLPC" which is supporting slum children in the Philippines.