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If you have some questions about my services and jobs, please ask me by e-mail.
  This address has possibility to be changed because of SPAM mail reason. Please check the newest version at here. I check this mail at least every 24hours, so if you do not receive my reply in 48 hours, it may be affected by SPAM filter. Please send again.

I can use Facebook but i do not check that site everyday. Please never send urgent mail via facebook.

  My office is located in the suburbs of Tokyo.

  1,"Kami-Itabashi" station  
  "Kami-Itabashi"is located in 12 min from "Ikebukuro" station by using "Tobu-tojo line". "Ikebukuro" is one of a biggest station in central tokyo, located in north east.  
  2,"Hikawadai" station  
   "Heiwadai" station is one of a "Tokyo-metro" network. The line is "Yurakucho" line. It is about 25 min from "Yurakucho" station near Tokyo central station,